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Make Hall Rd 20 mph all the way along, add segregated cycle path.

There is a pinch point here with the footpath. Routing the cycle way on the hardcore at the side would solve the problem.

Drivers never give enough space, often speeding, and drive across mini roundabouts

Very busy road with on street parking. Make 20 mph, calm traffic, remove parking and put in segregated cycle lane.

Terrible rat run. People drive too fast trying to get through all the parked cars. Make 20 mph zone, get rid of parked cars, put in segregated cycle lane.

All the pedestrian islands along Greenwood Ave make it very dangerous for cyclists. Car drivers force their way past and then push in front of you to try and get by because of the lack of space created by the islands. Make road 20 mph zone. ... [more]

20 mph, but not enforced at all. Parked cars make cycling dangerous and for pedestrians crossing the road. Road is completely jammed in the mornings at drop off time. Put in effective traffic calming. Close road at peak times to traffic ... [more]

Dangerous junction coming out of University. Narrow foot path, poor sight lines of pedestrians crossing the entrance. Poor sight lines due to parked cars, high speed traffic. Make 20 mph, remove on street parking, add segregated cycle lanes ... [more]

Narrow pavement for pedestrians outside university and very busy road. Widen path and put in traffic calming measures, reduce speed limit to 20 mph outside University on Cottingham Road

Narrow painted cycle lane encourages close passing, plus unnecessary 40 mph zone encourages speeding. Put in proper segregated cycle lane and remove 40 mph limit.

Cranbrooke is snarled up in the mornings with school drop offs. The buses cannot get through the narrow gaps. Stop car parking along the road on both sides, make the street one-way for cars, and make wide footpaths and a cycleway.

Put a connection between Citadel Way and the cycle path alongside Roger Millward Way

Remove the barriers

Move the path so that you can see down Banside Park when approaching from the east

Remove the barriers

Remove the barriers

Remove the barriers

Remove the barriers

Remove the barriers

Remove the barriers

Remove the barriers

Remove the barriers

Cycle path comes to an abrupt end Nth bound.

These cyclepaths are always full of glass all the time and don't even get cleared when reported.

There are no 'safe' cycling facilities in cough rd.

This cycle path ariund the rounderbout is a ridiculous death trap. Needs to be Dutch style.

There is nowhere for safe cycling here on hessle rd, or any adjacent area/side street.

There is no safe continued cycling route down Hollwell rd ine has to Cris's 4lanes of busy traffic ti get back on it when it then comes to another abrupt end...

There needs to be a safe cycling lane poss 2way on Witham and Hold rd...

There is no safe continued cycling route down Hollwell rd ine has to Cris's 4lanes of busy traffic ti get back on it when it then comes to another abrupt end...

Cycle path comes to an abrupt end with no safe route around the rounderbout to continue ones journey.

When schools go back the central area of the crossing and pavements will get crowded - longer crossing times and more frequent crossing time are needed

Stop parking at the end of Saville Street which reduces the room for pedestrians and cyclists to move through.

End on-street parking and put in a cycle path and widen the pavements

Integrate the closed Sculcoates Bridge 'cycle path' into the wider cycle network - east to the Fordyke route and west to Brid Av

Allow cycling along the river bank

Allow local cafes, bars and restaurants to use the parking bays to put in seats and tables.

Nowhere safe to cycle

Cars speeding and overtaking cycles outside of school well over the 20mph limit

Way too much traffic on Hull to Beverly route.

The whole of the city centre with the exception of Ferensway to keep easy access to the train & bus station.

Prohibit on-street parking as there is sufficient capacity in laybys to accommodate servicing of local retail facilities. This restricts traffic down to one lane on one of the main corridors in and out of the city. Could maybe provide a seg ... [more]

Remove bus lanes and make this a segregated cycle way.

Stop cars parking on the road and make one lane a segregated cycle lane the whole way along spring bank.



Make this a much more cycle friendly junction. Push back the car stop lines and get in some sort of bike roundabout that goes both ways round the junction

There's more than enough room to put segrgated cycle lanes along this bit of Hessle Rd

Queues often build up here - increase the frequency of crossings and time to cross

Can we get rid of the barriers under the railway bridge once and for all. They're no use and just mean it's easier to cycle on the footpath side.

This would be much better if there was a link from both sides of Sutton Rd to the trail

Remove the steps on the path between Burma Dr and the cycle path

There needs to be a segregated cycle path, not just lines inthe road

Block off Pearson Park road in the west of the park, near the swings and cafe, so that it a pedestrian area.

The pavement is too narrow in front of the pub

Wider pavements needed on the corners.

Widen the pavements

Through traffic needs to be reduced so that it is safer to step into the road.

Wider crossing needed in front of the college.

Pavements too narrow on the bridge.

The pedestrian is too narrow and crowded

Cycleway and pavement need widening between Vane St and the Hall St.

The pavement is way too narrow here and needs to be widened.

Stop through traffic travelling the length of Goddard Avenue to reduce the volume of traffic and make the road safer for cyclists and quieter for residents.

Put in a cycle path along Foster St to join up the esisting cycle paths

Allow cycling both ways along Grosvenor St, currently 1-way southbound

Remove the parking spaces and put in a two-way cycle path from Scale Lane Staith and Silver St

Close Wilberforce Dr to stop through traffic

Close Queens Dock Ave to stop through traffic

This is a cycle path half-way from National Avenue, but then there's a low barrier and a muddy, rutted track. Much more sensible to have a cycle path the whole way.

The kerbs need to be dropped at either end to allow cycle access

Tricky junction - put a two-way cycle across it from North Bridge to Witham.

Swap the parking spaces and on-road cycle path so that there is separation between bikes and moving cars.

Remove the parking spaces and widen the pavement.

Remove the parking spaces and put in a 2-weay cycle path.

Close Albion St to cars at this choke point to stop through traffic

Close the east side of Bond St and widen the pavement and add a cycle lane.

Close the road so it can be used by pedestrians and cyclists both ways.

Close the road so it can be used by pedestrians and cyclists both ways.

Separate bikes from cars - allow cycling on the pavemant

Separate cycling from the road - allow cycling on the pavement.

Improve cycle access to Oak Road Field so that there is an alternative to cycling along Beverley Rd

Cycle path ends when it meets Oak Road - extend it to Clough Road.

Open up the path under the railway bridge for pedestrians and cyclists.

There is no cycle lanes, but 4 lanes for cars.

This path off NCN route 1 needs improving for cycling.

The joy of advisory cycle lanes on NCN route 1 and the TPT - constantly having to weave inro the traffic.

Poor link to the bridge over the railway at Hessle Road Junction.

Road closure with no access for cycles

Busy main road with long waits to cross.

Road closure in Hull - better cycle access needed.

Images of future public spaces for Hull City of Culture 2017 - no sign of any cycling

No Public Parking at the Hull and East Riding Museum - and no cycle parking at all, even though there's plenty of space.

Very long waits for pedestrians and cyclists (wheel your bike) at this two-stage crossing.

Wheelbenders at the Hull Streetlife Museum - seemingly the only cycle parking in the whole Museum Quarter.

The Deep, Hull - a typical 'family-oriented' attraction with lots of car (and motorcycle) parking, but not a single bike stand.

No cycle facilities by Hull Marina

Dropped kerb needed.

Car drivers being encouraged to cut across cyclists going straight ahead

OK, save the gates to Pickering Park, but how about some proper cycle access while you're at it?

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